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Search engine optimization is an online advertising technique that too many dealerships miss out on because they don’t understand its value. Unlike other strategies that use ads to promote inventory and service, SEO focuses on enhancing a dealer’s overall online visibility. An automotive SEO agency will open up a whole new world of connecting with buyers. At Vin Ads, we aim to provide all of the dealers we work with a fresh outlook on the possibilities of SEO because we believe it holds the key to raising profits over time. So, whether you’re learning about SEO for the first time or think you know what it is, we guarantee you’ve never seen SEO quite like how we do it. 

Automotive Car Dealer SEO Agency

It is essential first to discuss consumer shopper behavior to understand the value of SEO. After all, the reason dealers advertise their inventory and services on the web is to engage with buyers. Therefore, it only makes sense to know how they use the web to learn more about cars, trucks, and SUVs and adjust marketing solutions as needed. Right now, the average shopper will spend between six and twelve months researching vehicles online. Part of the reason it takes buyers so long to figure out what they want is that most folks are not car people. So, narrowing down choices becomes confusing when you don’t know much about what’s available. 

However, the pressing issue that shoppers face is that they can’t find helpful information about inventory near them. Most buyers don’t know that they can browse a dealer’s inventory on their website and learn plenty about what’s available. Instead, they read reviews and browse classified sites. Sadly, the majority of those sites don’t place a spotlight on a dealer or encourage organic traffic. Instead, they place competing dealers with similar inventory next to each other and do everything they can to collect consumer contact information. Once they have that info, they sell it to dealers as third-party leads. In other words, these sites do nothing to promote dealers to local buyers; they only encourage greater competition and frustration. 

Automotive Sales SEO Agency

One of the best ways to break these cycles is to break the mold with SEO. Rather than paying to advertise your store on these third-party sites, an SEO vendor will work to increase your store’s online visibility. When a shopper searches for “used SUV near me” or “financing for a used car,” they will see your dealership’s website on the first two pages of a search. (The first two pages are the only ones that count these days.) What will encourage them to click on your site and browse your inventory is that they will get directed to a page that answers their needs. As in, they will get sent directly to a VDP or a page explaining financing options and so forth. 

Unlike other forms of advertising, SEO puts the middleman behind the scenes. The strategies we implement at Vin Ads work to improve a dealer’s standing on a search engine results page with original content and an increase in backlinks and domain rank. Our proprietary program significantly increases high-quality traffic and first-generation leads that convert into sales. If you need to improve your ROI, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today to schedule a demo and discover what we can do for your bottom line. 

Published On: January 20, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, PPC, SEM, Social Media /

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